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I'm a lover of pop culture and a hater of Bad Advertising. This blog is a tirade against Bad Advertising. It's also about Art, Packaging and Design.The Good, The Bad, The Ugly effects of it. If this offends you : I apologise in advance ;)

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    What Marketers Should Learn From THAT Scene in Good Will Hunting ~ →


    You remember that brilliant scene from Good Will Hunting where Will is in the bar facing up to the “smart” guy? I was thinking about it on the way into work this morning and the Harvard guy reminded me of many of the digital marketing gurus out there…

    All of us, no matter what our…

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    Bill Freakin Murray! 

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    SOFEX - The Defense exhibition for military hotshots to buy guns and fuck shit up! 

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    Lurpak Cook’s Range - Adventure Awaits - (2014) (UK) - Another awesome ad for Lurpak by W+K. 

    Client : Lurpak / Arla Foods
    Agency : Wieden+Kennedy

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    Who said nights were for sleep? - Marilyn Monroe

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    Malcolm Gladwell - On The power of advertising and brands!

    The idea that you could tell a story in 30 seconds is astounding. I don’t know why they don’t get more props, people in advertising. Done well, a good television commercial is a story, right? But 30 seconds is insane. Making someone laugh is really easy. Making people cry is really hard. And as a society, we venerate people who can make us laugh, but we’re sort of indifferent to those who can make us cry – which is crazy…

    Malcolm Gladwell in conversation with Paul Holdengraber at The New York Public Library. Pair with Gladwell on brands.

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    Hope is Not a Strategy ~ →



    Hope is a good thing. It powers change and gives people a reason to believe that the best is always yet to come. Hope encourages people to vote at elections and worship with their communities each Sunday. Like all good things it often brings people together and unites them with a common…

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    What will our favorite literary lothario pick up this season?

    The ‘Mad Men’ Bookshelf: What Will Don Draper Read in 1969?

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So Fresh, So Clean / Outkast - For your beauty bath! 


    So Fresh, So Clean / Outkast - For your beauty bath! 

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    UNO- by Igor Hrupin - Probably the most lux set of UNO cards I’ve ever seen. 

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